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01' Front Strut Tower Brace With Avs:


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Can I get a front strut tower brace for my 01' ES with the factory AVS (adaptive varible suspension) system? or is it not a wise idea considering I can change the suspension with a switch already? :unsure:

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That would be great mr, I can't seem to get a straight answer on the ES threads to the question. I think I might have messed some people up a little because I have the factory AVS on it & I don't think anybody on there knows for sure if the mod is possible. If you can look into it when you get a chance, I'd appreciate it. :)

Many thanks in advance.


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The top of the front strut tower is identical on stock, Euro tuned, and Air suspension LS's.-The years are different (early LS400, late LS400, and LS430), but within years no difference in the strut tower body for air suspension. Difference is in the shock/springs themselves. I put a strut tower brace on my 95 LS400 w/air suspension--- no problems and same part as standard suspension.

Unfortunately I lost the phone # of the guy who got it for me. It was a nice design, witn steel shock tower adapters and a polished aluminum cross brace.

Anybody got a good source? Tom's makes one, but it is all steel. I like the look and weight savings of the aluminum hybrid.

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