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2002 Cold Start Noise


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We have a 2002 ES 300 with 165K miles. Lately it has been making a 'bearing noise' when it starts cold. It seems to be getting louder as the temp drops here in Iowa (or maybe the noise is from whatever is causing it getting worse and the colder weather is coincidental?) The noise disappears when the car warms up. It is in the general area of the alternator so had it re-built with new brushes and bearings and replaced the drive belt but the noise persists.

The only other thing in the area of the noise is timing belt cover so I wonder if the noise is coming from something to do with the timing belt.

The timing belt annd water pump were replaced at 100K.

Any ideas what it might be and how urgent it is or if the noise is only 165K miles talking on an older car?


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