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Popping Noise Through Intake


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I have been reading this forum for awhile, just no need to post a question. The car been bulletproof, until now.

1999 ES300 with 110,000 miles which I bopught new. Oil changes every 3500 to 5000 miles and all service done.

Last week the car started making a popping (air noise) noise through the intake. Worse when cold, better when warmed up. Took it to my mechanic and he tried the normal things - checked timing belt and tensioner, coils, plugs, compression test all normal. Still popping. Took the car to the dealer, they listened and poked around and said it sounded like a bad valve, but the compresssion test was within range. Now they want to take the heads off. The car is in great shape and may be worth spending the money on but could it be anything else before we take the engine apart?

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sounds like a stuck valve or broken valve spring. you should be able to isolate the cylinder by shorting each plug wire (one at a time) till the popping stops . when you have located the the cylinder that is causing your problem, pull that valve cover and inspect the valve springs, if your lucky you might be able to just replace a spring.. if not your gonna be pullin some heads..

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