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Noisy Hands Free

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Hi, all

I'm new to this forum (first post), and I wanted to see if any of you have had the same experience I have with the Lexus IS350 (2008)

A lot of my buddies like to call me while I'm commuting because, pretty much with my busy schedule, it's the only time they can reach me. I've been using the hands free a lot, but everyone complains they can't hear me.

I have narrowed it down and know that they can't hear me when I hear road noise out of my speakers (white noise). I don't know if it's my road noise getting into thie mic playing back and getting back into the mic (feedback), or what it is.

I'm hoping someone here has had the same experience, resolved it and can maybe give me an indication of what can be done


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However unlikely, it may be worth a quick check to be sure that your center a/c vents are not pointed straight up towards the rear view mirror. Perhaps it is simply wind noise from the vent. And then again, maybe not...

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I turned up the send and people say it is better but now they have a weird feedback noise. Sounds good on my end.

I complained to my dealer and one of the guys that has a BB Storm made some changes on my phone and told me to let him know if it didn't work.

Looks like he turned off the "encrypt channel" option...

Will let you guys know if it worked (gotta call somebody while driving). :)

Keep in mind that cranking up the send volume could also be the cause of this background/white noise. Try lowering it as well to see if there is an improvement.

The only time I have an issue with callers hearing background noise now is when my windows or sunroof are open. So long as they are closed the call clarity is so clear they can't even tell i'm using the handsfree option.

I went from a Moto Razr to a Samsung Instinct - both work very well with Lexus' handsfree.

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