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Breaking In Period


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last month i bought a new '04 model of the IS 300 e-shift, and i have 400 miles on it now. When i bought the car, the dealer told me to bring it back when i've hit 1000 miles or one month. It's been a month, and i've been hearing conflicting advice. some advise that i should wait until i've reached 1000 miles then get the oil change. some say to just change it now. what should i do ?

this is my first brand new car, so i have never had to break in a car. i'm not sure exactly how i'm suppose to break in the car. >.< it says not to keep it at constant speed, but not to drive it too hard. :huh:

anyone have any tips/advice on the breaking in period (becides the stuff thats in the manual) ?

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i would wait until you hit 1000 miles before bringing it for service this way the car has been driven enough to see how its doing.

as for breaking it in just drive it the way you like but on the highway dont stay at the same speed for a long time.just go 5mph up and then back down every so often.

dont use cruise control of course because that will keep it the same speed.other then that just get the oil changed every 3,000 miles and you should be fine. :D

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