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You've Never Seen A Monitor Install Like This!

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Below is a pic of my passenger dash monitor just installed by DC Works here in So. Cal. I know theres some who will think you shouldnt cut into the dash but I like the unconventional. Its not a lease so what the heck, seem like everybodys got the same thing so here's something different. The air bag, and the A/C vents were completely unaffected. I tried to go for a look thats as stock as possible. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Pics in the gallery are much better quality:



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It looks pretty good.. I like it.. But the Blackwood with beige interior is not my cup of tea.. IMO I would have left it alone.. All in all your GS looks real nice and clean.. You did nice work putting it together..

One question though, I'm waiting for my hood to come in and I was wondering if my grills will fit with it?? Does the factory mounts still exist in the same spots and is the opening the same as the factory hood?? Thanks..

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Thanks. Actually the wood matches my doors and center sides. They had to put it on to cleanly cover the cut. Ideally though Id like to have a beige leather trim that matches my dash. It has to be sized exact though. It took them 3 hours to cut, size and fit the wood one. If anyone has suggestions, Im open to it.

Sypher, about the hood, Im not sure how to help you there. Maybe you're thinking of another member.

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