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Repair Shop In The Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley Area


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Hi Everyone,

I've been driving vehicles by Lexus since 2001. However, the dealer pricing and service has become ridiculous.

$800 for a Brake Job? OEM Toyota Parts are under $100 online...

I'm looking for a shop that offers dealer work at reasonable prices. So all original Lexus parts and great work.

It would include servicing of 8 cars:







Any suggestions, reviews of shops, or automotive shops in the greater Los Angeles area?

If you know own a shop that does Lexus Vehicles and can do the job at a great price feel free to message me.

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Hi DatexUSA ... I have to agree with you about how absurd prices for Lexus service have become. I live 3 hours north of the L.A. Area, but for the last 4 years I was working in the L.A. area and made several visits to various Lexus dealers all over, most notably Longo Lexus in El Monte which as you may know is very near the 605 and 10 freeways. I have never had a "good deal" from Longo, although sometimes they would ship to me for free even though I had a small, insignificant order. If you have never been there yet, Longo Lexus is like going to a Lexus museum in the sense that it is absolutely HUGE and fantastically NICE dealership ..... no pressure on the showroom, and full of some pretty nice people ....

Meanwhile, if I showed up in person over at Keys Lexus in Van Nuys, I could get pretty good prices over the counter from them ... in fact it was the best pricing I have found so far on real Lexus parts from anywhere .... but I think a factor to this was the fact that they started to get used to seeing me and wanted to make sure to continue to see me whenever I needed parts. That was great .... as long as I was on that side of town .... they seemed like a good bunch of people there.

Out of total frustration, I have decided to learn how to do must basic service items myself. Brakes, for example, are fairly routine and not complicated on Toyota products. I have been thinking about taking some auto-shop classes as well at my local community college.

Meanwhile, I am always on the look-out for great private mechanics that are detailed in their work. I find them from time to time, but they are usually too busy to take on more work ... unless you offer them insane amounts of money .... so where is the saving $$ ?

I have a great independent mechanic who loves Toyota here in my little desert town; there have been times when I just did not have the time to work on my car ..... so he has saved my life a few times. He is never as high priced as a Lexus dealer .... but it is still pricey. On the other hand ..... he is a true guru and he is worth seeing, as he always knows exactly what he is doing. So for highly technical situations with my Lexus (very rare thank God) ... he is a good guy to know.

so in conclusion, I think the only real answer to our problem is to either do-it-yourself .... or .... find a good independent mechanic that you can really trust.

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I've been going to this dealer for years, and my husband and I are both on our second Lexus'. I usually buy my own oil and OEM parts, and the mechanic just charges me labor. They're not known for their customer service, but they are very trustworthy and liable. You may have to leave your car there for the day and pick up in the evening.

Auto USA

621 West Duarte Road

Monrovia, CA 91016

(626) 303-3026

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