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When I Go Over 60 Mph The Steering Wheel Vibrates


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When I go over 60 mph the steering wheel starts to vibrate real bad which makes the whole car vibrate or the whole are virbrates and make the steering wheel vibrate one of these!

Just had the aligment done. And tires rotated.

What could be the problem?

*New tires need?


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yeah balancing fixed it in my case! and i didnt know about that inb the beginning so i changed my 2 front rims and it cost me a fortune! and the rpoblem was only in the 7$ tire balance...

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YUP, you guys were RIGHT. I posted this topic a night before you guys responed and took it to my machanic the right next morning. He told me the samething and he did the balacing for FREE. Because I had my aligment done and rotated the tire a day before and he said that it was his fault that he didn't do the balancing. I didn't drive the car after this but my dad took it up to 90mph and thats when it starts vibrating a little. And the reason is because the front tires are bent in kind off from the inside.

So, if I replace the tires as well then it will be perfect even at 160mph.


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