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Tell Me What Should I Do?

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Okay on friday I took my 99 GS300 to this shop called "Just Brakes" to bleed the brakes. On the way back home I didnt notice any difference on brake paddle, it still felt a little spongy. But yesterday morning when I looked under the car I saw brake fluid, and this morning again I saw that brake fluid had leaked under the car. When I went back to the shop, they started telling me "ohh its must be some other part" "we had trouble with the rear wheel" and I'm like WTF did these guys do to my car?? All I wanted is to bleed the brakes. Before the car was fine no leaks no nothing.....except that the brake paddle was a little soft.

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have them fix it.. and if they can't fix it have them pay for someone who can. I never go to the stealership... but they do have the computer needed to bleed the brakes properly...

well they saying that it could be the master cylinder, it could be the pump, they are blaming it on other parts.

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It is important to note the location of the leak first. Is there fluid on the inside of any wheel? If so then start there, they may not have tightened the bleed screw and dont want to admit, or they stripped it. Or you had a bad caliper o-ring (Leaking) which is maybe why you went to have the system bled in the first place. It may be the master cylinder...If it's the master cylinder you should be able to see evidence (leaking) around the lines or where it meets the booster (on the bottom of where it bolts up) sometimes you may have to pull the thing apart to really be sure. There is a plunger type deal in there and other o rings that sometimes go bad due to rust...

Either way it is very important to have the whole thing checke because of the risk that it wont stop properly...GOOD LUCK Man!!!!

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