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Windshield Replacement...oem...?

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I have a 2008 IS 250 and my windshield is cracked. So I need to get it replaced. Can anyone help me out with these question??..Thanks

1) What is the best OEM replacement window for my car.....PPG or Pilkington? Or anything else?

2) I know dealer glass would be the best because thats what the car originally has, but is the OEM of PPG exactly the same quality and construction?

3) Which company makes OEM windows for Lexus?

4) When getting the windshield replaced do you have to replace the clips, top, left, and right (side) moldings?

5) Is it necessary to replace the left and right (side) molding or if the car is only 1 year can they be reused without any problems???

6) And how much would getting all this done cost?

Thanks everyone!

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I used safelite for my previous car which was a 2006 Nissan 350Z. They came to my house and replaced the windshield while the car was in my driveway. The guy brought extra seals and gaskets in case they old ones were too damaged to reuse. Total cost was around $350 and he was able to reuse the old rubber parts. The car was only a year old when my windshield was damaged. You can go to their website and schedule an appointment and tell them the type of car you have and such and the price that they quoted me was dead on.

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