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Unintended Acceleration

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Some Toyota vehicles are being investigated for acceleration caused by floor mat interference with accelerator pedals, as well other possible causes. Although the Lexus RX series is not included, I believe, as part of driver training/licensing, that one should know what to do if such an event occurs while driving any vehicle. I believe the most expedient and safest reaction would be to disengage the drivetrain by shifting into neutral, and/or depressing the clutch on a manual transmission. Waiting until pulling over and stopping before shutting off the engine should enable the power steering/brakes to function as needed. My RX shift pattern allows for moving the shift lever from drive into neutral without being concerned about possible overmovement into reverse or park. Some shift patterns of older vehicles may require a more careful movement of the lever, but in an emergency a damaged tranny may well be better than a collision.

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