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2002 Es300 Rear Door Panel Removal


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I am looking for instructions on how to remove the rear door panel on a 2002 Lexus ES300. Something broke inside and my window does not stay up any more. I can see a white plastic piece stuck between the window and the door frame.

Does anyone have Rear Door Panel Removal instructions from the FSM? I will really appreciate it if you can upload the PDF here or PM me.


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Although I have never taken the door panel off an ES300, I have taken them off a number of Camrys and this might help. Around the perimeter of the door trim and small plastic clips that have to be removed. If yours are like the Camry, they a push-pin locking and kind of easy to break if you are not careful. I have a couple extra around that I pilfer at junkyards. There should be four of them. I use a small flat screwdriver to push the lip up then extract them with my L shaped needle nose pliers. You can use sidecutters IF you are careful not to squeeze too tight. There is a screw somewhere in the doorhandle probably covered by a color matched cap. You also need to take out the three large Philips screws on the edge of the door. The hardest part is getting the door opening handle cover off. Once you get everything loose, push upward on the panel and it will slide up. Just to give you an indea of the time, the first time it took me about 40 minutes, now I could do it in 15.

I looked at my LS and it seems close.

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