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2007 Gs350 Dunlop Run-flat Uneven And Premature Wear

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My 2007 GS350 has quite laud tire noise at low speed and unsmooth ride. I thought it was alignment problem and had the shop do the alignment. I was told that the alignment was nearly perfect and the problem was with the tires. All four tires had uneven wear on the inside edge—1/3 of the circumference on the inside edge is completely wear out, whereas the rest of the tire (including other part of the inside edge) looks fine. I did a Google search and found that Toyota had a class action settlement for the Dunlop SP Sport 4000 DSST and Bridgestone B380 FRT, both runflat tire models. I wonder if any GS350 owners have the same problem as the one I have. Thanks!

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