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Instrument Cluster Light


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I lost my 97ES300 with 362,028.

I bought 2000 ES300 with 131,500. It is in good condition.

On instrument cluster i have tail light warning. I check all rear light they working fine. If i remember right

my 97 had headlight indicator on instrument cluster, but this car don't show that bulb sign. I am assuming

that bulb is out,that's reason that warning (Tail light) showing.

Three question to 2000 ES owners

1. where is location of indication for head light is on(Upper left, upper right etc)

2. Bulb part no or size.

3. How to open instrument cluster to replace bulb

Thanks in advance.

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Well, i was wrong...

I just replace bulb in instrument cluster for head light indicatoer and seat light bulb, was not that hard.

still tail light failure indicator is showing. I looked everything in trunk,

I could not find sensor.

Any help will be appreciated

Have a good day.


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You are not going beleive this, i replaced with lexus bulb and rear light failure sign goes away from dash board..(tail lights bulb not brake lights bulb)

so ES300 takes only lexus bulbs for tail lights others you can buy from orailly autozone etc.

learning everyday.

Have a good day.

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