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Getting Best Suspension Part Pricing

Ross W.

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Hey all

My '94 is in dire need of getting the front AND rear suspension worked on. It's got 204k on it now, and it's on the original shocks & other parts. I already have the Daizen polyurethane front bushing set, but sadly, they never did a set for the rear. Along the way I'd like a set of 1" lowering springs a tad stiffer than stock, and I'm planning on an ADDCO 7/8" rear sway bar. No sense a rear-drive car understeering like a front-drive one! :rolleyes:

Anyway, I'll need the front upper control arms replaced especially, and they're VERY expensive, as you all know. I'm not sure if the '93-'94 cars are different, or the airbag cars, in that respect. Lower ball joints, spring pads, all has to go. And what's a good shock to use for the Gen-1 cars? I tend to drive rather spiritedly in the twisties since the car handles well in spite of the massive understeer it has.

Any advice, suggestions, or links would be greatly appreciated.

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