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Big Problem With Alpine System

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Hi all .

Last year around february my Nakimichi system went out on me so I reaplaced it with an Alpine system that totaly costed around $2400.

But I don't know what is happening with japanese electronics but since last year they started making really crappy quality things.

All my home theater stuff I bought last year already went bad and after the warranty expired.

And my car system too.

You see first I started using my I pod since this deck had an I pod integration I used my I pod but it didn't connect true a mini plug jack but used like a usb iterface to play music and also control the i POD.

Well about 6 month ago my i pod went out so I started playing cd's using the 6 disc changer.

BUt now that went out also.

At first it wouldn't play sometimes I had to make it change cd's so it would play but then it would play about 6 cd's perfectly well and then acting up again.

But the problem progressed more and more till now it doesn't even play 1 complete track.

Sometimes it plays but quits in midtrack and it even does that when the car is sitting still so it can't be something mechanical.

So I'm guessing the laser is going out.

Do any of you know how to reaplace the laser and what kind should I buy if I can buy Alpine's or from other manifacturers since I know Alpine products are really bad quality stuff right now.

I want to fix it in a very cheep way.

I tought about getting an i pod but the thing is since technology is so messed up these days I'm afraid of buying a new i pod to later find out that it won't work with my head unit.

Do any of you have an alpine system and know of a cheeper way to fox this.

Because I don't want to buy a whole new changer again for $300 to have it fail in less then a year.

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Wow Nobody knows how to fix a laser in a cd changer.

Damn I guess I'm screwed it's xm everyday for the rest of my life and that's not bad but the thing is I can't listen to my cd's anymore.

Guess I'll have to live with it till this problems with electronics blow over.

I have blue ray player Ps3 and an A?v receiver in the garage.

Gone in just over a year of ownership!!

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