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Nakamichi Amp Mod

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My sc400 has a nakamichi stereo system. When I bought the car pos told me then the amp was out,it played but was so distorted u had to play it really low .I did research on the amp,look in my local pull apart couldnt find it anywhere.1 day a sc400 with 124000 miles showed up, I was very happy got there expecting to find a nak,but instead found a pioneer system instead well i bought the little amp anyway for 5 bucks .Get home thinking I was going to have to do some major wiring to make it work .unplug the wires on the nak which was 3 plugs match 2 of them to the pioneer amp pluged right in and poof i got nice music playing thru my 4 speakers,now mine u the third plug seems to go to the sub speaker but hey i got music and thats the point!!!!!Im going back for the sub amp to see if it plugs in i hope it does but just wanted to let u guys Know......:D:D:D:D:D


ps no cutting is required just match the plugs to the pioneer amp,till u get a new or use nakamichi amp..

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Well I tried using the second pioneer sub amp to push the sub .The plug fits fine but for some reason im not getting sound out. I even splice into the sub + and negative (the black and white wire but no sound just static) so im thinking it must be the radio,All other speakers work just no sub . So using the pioneer amps will work provided that all is in order with your headunit.

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