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Replace Brake Pad 06 Is350

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Is anyone know how to change brake pad for 06 IS350? The instruction said basically Unbolt the top and bottom caliper mounting bolts, but i don't know which bolts are top and bottom caliper mounting bolts. I've done brake pad replacement for other car, but IS350 seems to be different.

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I just changed my front and rear brakes myself and it took longer to jack it up and remove the wheel than it did to replace the pads. On the front brakes look at the caliper and you will see a long rod going through the caliper and at the end of it before it starts to go through the other side will be a little pin, just pull it out and put pressure with your hand on the metal under it thats touching the brake pads and pull the rod out towards you..after that take a small flat screwdriver and lightly pry the pads back alittle so the pistons will go in a little and just pull the pads right out and install new one ..put the metal plate back on and while holding pressure on it slide the the rode back through and install the pin back in its place , push the brake pedal done a few time and your done. the back come out almost the same but they have two rods and two differant types on pins .. you will see when you take the wheel off its self explanatory and you have new brakes.

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