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Seafoam For My Lexus?

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Wow I had to google it to see what the heck that stuff is. Seems kinda old school. I'm sure OTC products like "gumout" and other fuel and oil treatments are just as good...but without the toxic smoke. The video that shows the exhaust that is emitted for a while doesn't seem very healthy for the catalytic system or any part of the car or environment.

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Should I try SEAFOAM on my 99 Lexus GS300 with 135xxx miles.?? I have never used it, and I dont have any problems with the car, BUT was just wondering if I could make it better. Thanks

I've used SeaFoam for years and it's done a good job. I wouldn't say use it often, just every once in a while. If you haven't used SeaFoam or something like before then yes, a lot of crap does come out of your exhaust, but if you maintain it for the most part you won't really see a thing.

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