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A Lil More Cushion.

Silver Surfer!

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I'm looking for just a tad bit more cushion from my ride. Currently, i sit on the factory 18's with some horrible sounding hancook tires sized at 245/45-18. What size in the "primacys would i have to get to ride a lil softer? I love the look and handling of the 18's. They give the conservative look of the LS a stately if not aggressive look and couldn't see it with the 17's(no pun). Any ideas fellas?

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Depending where it's at now, you might lower tire pressure some. Tread design, compound, structure, etc all have an influence on the ride and noise level. In the end, whether you like the 17" look or not, sidewall prob has the greatest impact. I'm sure Primacy would be a good bet for improving your ride.

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Wow! Thanks for the replies and advice. I think im goin with the michelins fellas. Got to get those hancooks off as soon as i get the cash to. Very noisy on the inside of the car as if i were in 92 dodge spirit. If its that loud to penetrate thru an LS interior then they must go. I may stick with the original size and see how brand change turns out. Got $1330 quote from NTB today that includes tires($246 ea.),disposal fee($12),tire recycling fee($3.20), stems,lifetime balancing, lifetime rotation, road hazard,($163), and an alignment($80). PLus tax($70). What do you guys think of that price?

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