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Looking For Navi For 2007 Es350


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This has proved to be the most difficult task. I would really like to install a navi in my 07 ES350. I have a Tom Tom and it's just not the same. If anyone has any info as to where I could get one, please help. I suppose that it would have to come with the whole set up. Also, did the Marc Levinson system only come in the 07 model with the nav? How do I know whether or not I have it?

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I'm not wanting to take away from member/vendor dcfish's business but, according the the valuation charts, a 2007 ES with nav (in excellent condition with 30K miles) is worth only $665 more than the same car without nav.

About the only option that provides less payback than nav at resale time are fuzzy dice -- there's plenty of documentation that supports what I am saying.

If you want nav that bad, you might be better off selling your car privately and then buying a 2007 ES with nav in a private transaction.

What's with all the cracked Lexus nav screens being reported lately on Lexus forums? What's going on? Are they that easy to break? One guy reported that a Lexus dealer wanted over $7000 for a new nav unit to replace his that has a cracked screen. The best price I could find for him on a new nav unit from an on-line discount Lexus parts seller was something like $4500.

My wife's Camry is more than a little similar to an ES of the same year (she would really like to have an ES!). It's worked very well in her car to attach her Garmin Nuvi to a bracket just to the right of her radio and to "permanently" hide its power cord inside the center stack and attached to the accessory circuit so it turns on and off automatically. Just getting it off the windshield made it much more pleasant to use and it's so hard to see from outside her car (she throws a floppy hat over it when she exits the car) that she removes it from its bracket only when she's going to use it on a business trip in a rental car.

And the nav voice instructions from her $160 Costco widescreen Garmin Nuvi announces the street names -- unlike a couple of Lexus navs I've seen which apparently couldn't do that.

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