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2002 Es300 Moonroof Not Level When Closed

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Hi, when I close the moonroof on my 2002 Lexus ES300, the roof does not close level with the top of the car. It only happens on 1 corner of the roof. Does anyone else have this problem? I have taken some pics of the problem...





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I've done several repairs on sunroofs over the years and provided there has not been any damage done to your system (such as stripped drive gears or a stripped drive cable or attachment on one or both sides), the sunroof alignment can be fine tuned by one of two methods. This, of course, depends on how Toyota levels their sunroofs.

Open the sunshade to the sunroof and check between the headliner and the sunroof on the door side, to see if there is a finisher trim that can be pulled off. They usually pull off towards the interior of the car. Underneath there should be two small bolts on the side of the mechanism (one near the sunroof's front, and one near the rear). With the sunroof properly closed, loosening the bolts allows you to push the sunroof up or down to align it with the metal roof skin, and then retighten the bolts.

Other manufacturers add or remove shims to do the same thing, if the slide mechanism attaches to the glass from the bottom rather than the side. Good Luck!

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one corner of mine was moving like the linkage was off when i popped it. i realized when i slid it back that the glass was a little off on one side. i maunally move it back to place but it didnt help. i completely fixed my by mistake and trial and error after that.

1. completely disconnect battery to fully disable the auto function. it will not work if in auto setting.

2. slide roof back and hold the button past the stop point. it will make cloud clicking noise that will scare the crap outta you. click it until it stops. this is the cylindar linkage poping back in place.

3. pop the roof and hold the button the same allow to click til it stops.

4. repeat process back and popping until it stops clacking. usually 3 rotations.

i disconnected my batt for someting else lost the auto function and discovered it when i tried to reprogram the auto function. I though i was doing something wrong and didn do the popping procedure. it was working way better so i left it. I realized a few months later after watching an crappy ford moon roof pop smoother that mine. i then purposfully disconntect the auto function and did the above process and my roof works effortlessly. it cost 500$ in labor just to remove the headliner :( so if this works you totally lucked out like I did by mistake.

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