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1993 Es300 Rear Deck

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hi im new to the forum. my buddy just bought a 93 es300. we are trying to install a system in it and all was going well until we tried to install the 6x9's in the back. they are a little big for the hole but with some patience we got them in, but they hit the trunk "sway bar". the rear deck cover is gone, after some searching i realzed we need to get some spacers for the hole's. we bought some universal ones from autozone, but thyey wouldn't work. where, other than a junkyard, can we get the spacers and the rear deck cover. please let me know

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I don't know what you mean by "rear deck cover". Here is a diagram showing the package shelf and part number: http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_U_1993_LEXU...TPGKA_6403.html

The above website is a great place to find part numbers to look up prices on vendor websites like http://www.parts.com

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