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Replaced The Fuel Filler Cap Sealing Ring

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Me a happy new owner of a 06 GS 300 AWD. Just would like to say hello to all and to share my little experience of cheaping out with the fuel tank cap sealing ring.

On the 2nd day of my GS ownership the check engine light came on on me. Hooked up my OBD-II scanner but couldn't get anything from the car -- it would always read the link couldn't be established. Probably the Actron 9135 scanner I bought back in 2002 is too old for our GS? It always works with my other cars though....anyways, a quick browse through the forum and the 1st thing I went to look at is the gas tank cap. You bet, it wouldn't saty shut. A slight finger tip flip would back it out no matter how many hard clicks had been heard when putting it on.

To put it short, after finding the rubber sealing ring on my 1997 Ford Contour gas tank cap a perfect fit and replacement (though 13 years old), the check engine light went out by itself after a few trips.

I'd guess a generic cap for a Ford Contour sold at a parts store goes way cheaper than a Lexus OE cap at dealership, and if that's true, it make sense to just buy a cap for Contour and take the sealing ring as replacement, had your turn come.

In my case the bad sealing ring off the GS went on the Contour just fine, as the Contour has a multi-turn gas cap that never has a chance of backing itself out once tightened.


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Good info to know.

I am curious as to the cause of your 9135 not reading the OBDII codes. I have the 9145, and will try it tomorrow on my '06 GS300. Did you have your car in the ACC mode when trying to read the codes (KOEO, Key On, Engine Off)?

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I'd love to know the result with your 9145. It wasn't the 1st time my 9135 failed to link up with a vehicle, the last time it was a 2003 Grand Cherokee. So not much surprise there. 9145 however is far superior in terms of functionality in that it's capable of capturing realtime sensor data while engine is operating, that 9135 can't. I'd believe it also does better in sticking with OBD-II protocol/standard too.

And yes I did put car in KOEO when trying to read the codes. The 9135 would attemp to link up for a while but eventually fail.

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I checked out the OBD-II with 9145 earlier today. Indeed it established the comm link and read the codes (and IM readiness)...fortunately there were no codes :) I remember comparing the two models of scanners when I bought the 9145 last year and liked the realtime data (and freeze-frame) functions...It was something like $100 at amazon. I needed it at the time to troubleshoot our 1998 MB SL500, and figured it would be a good tool to have. Anyways, sorry you're not able to get the link established with the 9135. I wonder if Actron could help out.

Did have to do a setup for the Lexus on the 9145 for a "New Vehicle" using "2005-present" setting. Perhaps the 9135 needs the same type of config change.

Btw, I am a relatively new GS300 owner myself (and it's our first Lexus, after owning several MB's since the mid-80's). Got it at the end of May. It's been a great vehicle so far and I enjoy the ride.

Take care.

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