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What's This Part?


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Need some help in identifying this part that i broke while replacing the starter on my wife's LS 400 ('90). I took off some of the small hoses around the engine and this particular part broke as i was taking the 2 small hoses connected to it. It is mounted directly where the top radiator hose meets the engine block. The brass part is screwed in directly above it and the plastic part has 2 inlet tubes to connect the 2 small hoses. Any help would be greatly appreciated so i can buy the part. Thanks in advance.

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From your description it sounds like a temperature controlled vaccuum switch, it opens or closes when the proper temp is reached;depending on what it is actually connected to. if you still have the pieces that broke off you could try to glue them back on, but thats probably just a temp fix. go down to your local dealership and describe to them where its located(they have very detailed pictures in their computers)and get a new one, when your engine is cold remove the old one and replce it with the new one being careful not to break it when your tightening it, reconnect your hoses and there you have it ... fixed.

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Good news, took a digital picture of the part and was gonna post to the forum but instead i took it to a Toyota parts dealer. No luck, parts person not helpful and rude, so i took it to a Lexus dealer and the difference between Toyota and Lexus customer service is like night and day. The Lexus parts specialist was very helpful and knew right away. He calls it "thermal vacuum valve" or "ported vacuum valve". It probably cost me more but what the heck. Anyway, thanks for all the replies.

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