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Suspension Replacement--coilovers Or Bilsteins/h&r Springs?


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Hello, I am a new owner of a 99' LS 400 with 108K.

The suspension is original and very tired. I was wondering if anyone knows the most immediate pros and cons to a less expensive coilover ($900 Megan Racing) replacement. It looks like it may be a good option because one doesn't have to replace the strut mount/suspension support and insulator on the front, and the spring bumper/insulator on the rear. Is this true? And if it is, would there be other things I would regret?

If not I was thinking of going with the H&R one-inch drop springs and Bilsteins, plus all the supporting parts, which is $464 + $250 + ~ $300. More costly but closer to stock. With the drop I will need an alignment, so can any shop do it? I was also going to replace all the bushings (strut rod, uca, lca, sway bar) with stock parts. I can't get any response from TM Eng. on the Daizen kits. Is there anything I am missing?

Thanks :)

Pictures soon to follow. I have these interesting lexus chrome rims that I haven't seen anywhere else or any other 98-00s.

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My similer 2000 LS400 has 115,000 miles on it and its suspension is as tight as new. Shocks on these things can last waaay past 200,000 miles.

As for replacing all the bushings, just check the strut rod bushings. There are the first to wear out and can be shot by 75,000 miles on a 98-00 LS400.

Enjoy your car's nice cushy ride while you can because it sure isn't going to be there after your mods. :(

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Well, I forgot to mention that it is listing heavily to starboard (~ one inch). Something must be collapsed and from what I can tell from the diagrams and visual inspection it must be the spring, shock and shock mount involved. The vehicle has a clouded past, and it looked like someone took it on a road rally in the Baja before they traded it in on a new BMW. The good news is she cleaned up well and runs smoothly.

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