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Tried Leather Repair Products For Your Car?


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I have a LS400 and a Acura Legend. The leather in LS400 is only damaged because of the back windshield shattered. But the Acura legend has a real bad drive seat and in the back bench there is a rip and it seems like that small rip is getting bigger.

So, I was wondering if someone has used leather repiar products for any of your cars. And do they really work. Or are they just like glueing the seat together with super glue.

I have met some dealers when I was shopping for a car. They were restoring the leather in a Acura Legend. I think they were putting new leather in. Any comments or suggestions on any of these topics?

Thank you.

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Have you checked to see how much a professional repair costs? Someone who does this for a living can often do unbelievable work. My local non-dealer Lexus repair shop owner uses the same leather repair person used by the local Lexus dealer and warned me to avoid the "Dr. Vinyl" franchise people.

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