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Questions About New Car


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We just purchased a 2008 GS350. The car has the Nav, back up camera and supposedly the Mark Levison sound system. Being new to the Lexus world, I have a few questions if anyone can help out.

1) How do I verify that the car has the MK sound system.

2) If I do have the MK sound system, should it have the ability to play DVDs? If so, how do I get them to play? I have looked in the manual and can still not get it to work. Instead of getting six rectangles (one for each CD/DVD slot), my screen shows 6 circles.

3) What componets do I need to add Satellite radio. I have the shark fin antennae, but no sat.

4) Can the Sat radio utilize the shark fin antennae? and if so, where do I find the connector?

Thanks in advanced for any and all help.

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1) It says Mark Levinson on the lower right hand side of the face plate.

2) Yes, it should be able to play DVD's. You just feed it into the CD slots and it should play as long as the parking brake is on, and your in park.

3) You need the digital reciever. That connects to the head unit. It's plug and play, but you have to pull the stereo out as it connects to the back. They can use the shark fin as an antenea, or they can use the lttle box one that comes with it also.

4) I already answered this in 3.

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Thanks for the quick replys. It looks like we have the standard audio system and therefore, no DVDs. I'll look into the sat radio and tying it in though. Is there a specific aftermarket tuner to be used with the Lexus and can it be had for Sirius?


Look at the picture below I posted. To the right of the Lexus between both the volume and tuning knobs you will see Mark Levinson. That is where it would be.


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