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Ignition Key Interlock Won't Release Ign Key

Bruno Molly

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93 LS4

Well now that my Fuel pump issue has been solved, I can concentrate on other minor issues. One being that the ignition keylock (interlock solenoid) won't relase the key unless I disconnect the Battery. The car was in a collision and evidently pushed the shifter linkage back or something. The Cluster says Park but the shifter says its in R. So my guess is that the Shifter has to make a final switch in order to engage the interlock solenoid to unlock the key. Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought if the cluster says P (Park) the the ECM says "Hey you're in Park". Any insight?



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The following link gives the exploded view of the shift system but you will probably need the factory manual to check the alignment.


Thank you very much Steve. Thats what I needed. Cash for Clunkers is good for Lexus owners who need to get parts. It's a Shame some of the quality of the cars I see totally

Scrapped. But hey, its a gold mine for me :D

I bought 2 LS400's to fix 1. After I fix the 93, I plan on keeping for the Wife to drive I will sell parts off the 92. Definitely the engine and Tranny, Suspencion, Diff, Interior, etc.

Here are photos of the 93. The 93 will need to have the Frame pulled some and the Radiator support pulled out about 4 inches.




The 92 Donor car:



Once I get the Donor running to drive home, I will know more about what i will be selling so if anyone needs parts let me know...But Later! not now since I don't know what i will need.


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Key interlock problem Solved. What I found today was one of the engine mounts, the Right one, was broken in the collision and has pushed the Engine/Tranny back some and bent the shift rod just enough to keep the shifter from locking into park. I loosened the tranny mounts, jacked the engine up and pryed it a little, put a new shifter rod in and now the shifter locks into the "PARK" position mechanically instead of just Electronically. Once it locked into position the Key would turn and I could remove it. Passed the "10 times" test! Thanks again Steve for that drawing. That helped. Looks like now I have chased all the Ghosts out of the machine. Waiting on the body shop now to pull the frame.

-= BM =-

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