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Gs450h Engine Air Filter - Anyone Change Theirs?

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I recently replaced my stock filter with a K&N replacement. Upon opening the filter case I noticed not one but TWO filters. One that was wire meshed and practically stuck to the top of the air filter housing. The other was a white cheap paper filter. So I ripped out the wire mesh filter, and threw the paper filter and repalced the whole setup with just the K&N, which seemed to fit fine. Did I do anything wrong? Tell me the part I threw out wasn't critical to the air flow intake?!!!

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Hey mike2150

How is your driving experience with removing the wire meshed filter? Any trouble? How did it feel? I just replaced the air filter with K & N. Didn't want to mess with the wire meshed filter. There must be a reason for it?


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Without looking at the setup, my guess would be that the wire mesh acts as a "gross particle" filter which prevents large objects from damaging the "fine" particle filter. This is important to have if there is a direct path for outside air to flow towards the filter element. Objects like stones could easily damage a filter without a wire mesh to act as a first line of defense. I would suggest t hat you buy another and install it, ASAP.


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