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Need Help With Repairing '91 Ls400


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here's the run-down. i've got a '91 LS400 and the starter went out on it. when attempting to repair it i discovered where it was located. fun. i had another car that i could use and was in no rush to tear the entire top half of my engine apart haha. i continued to drive this car for the next 16-18 months while the lexus sat in my garage, battery disconnected and all. well a week ago the second car threw a rod and i took no time with the piece of junk and called the junk yard to come get it. dealership (the only shop who said they would do it) wanted $1000 to do the starter. forget that. i've worked on cars and in garage's so i tore it apart myself, which by the way wasn't nearly as difficult as it was intimidating. $350 for a new starter, forget that. rebuilt the old one for $100. the guts of this thing were in terrible condition, in fact, i dont know how it made it as far as it had haha. put everything back together, changing gaskets, spark plugs, oil and filter, pcv valve, and numerous hoses that were dry-rotted as well as the air filter. fresh gas as well (there was barely anything in the tank from previously). the engine is now turning over but very slowly, and i also have no spark. i gapped the plugs to .044", as was recommended to me by my NAPA supplier. i cant really think of any other details that may be useful.

previously i've had the power steering pump, timing belt, idler pulleys, tensioners, bearings and water pump replaced as well.

i could really use some help as i dont have the finances to pay to have this thing towed/fixed. wondering if maybe the battery being unplugged for so long may have reset something or possibly a seperate problem that may be in no way related to the original problem (with the starter). either way i'm already about $300 into this and this is my only means of transportation/income.

thank you in advance to anyone for just looking at this trying to help.

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it actually ended up being the crankshaft positioning sensor. i also replace the ground, battery, and positive terminal clamp. the starter i had replaced was bad (go figure) so i had to redo the WHOLE DAMN THING. which btw, took me literally half the time it did the first time.

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