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Wheels For Gs300 (5x114 - 16x7), Free Used Winter Tires


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As per the site rules, looking for $200 OBO, located in Naperville, IL, my name is Brian. Description below:

I have a set of 4 used Sport Edition Valore wheels for sale. They have been used for 7 winters, the car was recently traded in so I no longer need the wheels. The car had a total of 68k on it over 9 years, so I would guess 10k - 15k on the wheels/tires, but at 8 years old (not used 1 winter), the age of tires make them a freebie.

I know they should probably fit a lot more than just a 2000 Lexus GS300, the specs are:


Size: 16x7

Pattern: 5 - 114mm

ET: 35


215/60/16 BS Blizzak WS-50

How ever, if you do want them for a GS, I will throw in the proper hub rings and nuts for the wheels.

Rims themselves are in good condition, a little bit of rust on the "Sport Edition" center cap, otherwise fine. Tires still have tread, but are 8 years old. Pictures will be up in a little bit.

The wheels are currently in Naperville,IL but I will deliver to Central IL if you let me know before Monday morning. Can ship at buyer's expense via FedEx, would rather keep local. Cash is preferred, no checks.

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Here are some pictures:

I pulled the first one off the top, they all look the same, except like I said above the "Sports Edition" center cap is rusting on one or two of them, not the wheel, just the center cap.



Inside (Some marker on the inner hub, I kept track of where I took them off of so I could rotate the next season):




Original Sticker:


Also, "2200" is stamped on them, I assume this means the 22nd week of 2000 they were made.

i was actually looking for a second set of winter wheels... too bad i'm not local. Bump this back up.

If you're really interested, I have a FedEx discount, I can get a quote tomorrow if you'd like.

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