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Help With My Car Please?


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I found this forum in hopes of some answers to my 1992 ES 300.

I'm 20 years old, and a college student. I bought my ES 300 in 2006 for $6,000, I don't recall the mileage but as of now the mileage is 158,643.

Since I've had the car it's had issues with idling and on random occasions I'd be decelerating for a stoplight and my engine would die once braked, fortunately it always turned back on. No one has been able to find the cause of the problem and I've driven it as such.

Unfortunately, now once the car engine stalls, it refuses to turn back on. I noticed my RPMs fluctuate and usually fall close to 0. I also have issues with acceleration now, as sometimes I can hardly get it to go above 20 mph.

I took it to a local shop where I live and he replaced the distributor cap, distributor o ring and rotor, as well as the coolant temp. sensor.

I know nothing of the specs to this situation and I'm pretty sure the guy overcharged me(400$, which includes a 70$ fee for towing) (Oct. 2009)

I also had the throttle cable tighten by a local shop as well. (Oct. 2009)

Answers or advice to my problem would be much appreciated :]

I'd be happy to go more into detail about it as well :] (i'm desperate!!!!!)

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