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Rear Lights Light On?


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A light just came on in the RX300. It says its a rear light, I checked them all and they all seem to be in good working order. Anything else it could be?

Are you sure ALL the rear lights work? That means ALL brake lights as well as tail lights. That includes the 3rd brake light. If they all seem to be working, I would take them out, 1 by 1 and do a "thump" test on them. Hold the bulb firmly by the thumb and fore finger in 1 hand and give it about 3 or 4 good firm thumps with your "thump" (second) finger on the other hand. If the elements are getting weak or have a minor fracture but still light, it will expose that weakness and the element will break. (Don't worry, it was going to break anyway) Make sure ALL bulbs that have 2 elements work on BOTH elements.

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