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Hello all,

I have been paging through this great forum, learning about my new baby. A green (looks black) SC430 03 with 47K miles. Price paid

$23000 from an Acura Dealer, with a 12/12 powertrain warranty. I have already put 500 miles on her, and she is almost flawless.

Very happy with 18MPG, the way I am driving, performs great, and everyone thinks my 7 year old baby is brand new. I have envied

the 06LS I bought my wife last year, and felt my mid life crisis deserved something this nice. Sorry for the Newbie type questons but would

love to know your opinions on.

1. Aprox how much a year should I expect in repairs up to 125K miles.

2. Everything works except the Nav never goes to night mode, am I missing something?

3. Is it much faster in Power Mode?

4. Black out tint a plus or minus?

5. Extended warranty offered by Lexus dealer, $4800 for an additional 6 years 60K miles bumper to bumper.

6. Should I be afraid of the top breaking or wearning out?

Gotta say, I love this car, it is my dream car. I know the style is love it or hate it, but as a previous owner of a Subaru SVX, driving something

unusual, with Lexus reliablity is awsome. Bonus is my 5'8 and wife 5'5 allows us to fit the 7 and 8 year old without contortions. We can actually

use the back seat. Your advice is appreciated...

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Congratulations on your SC! I bought mine three years ago and really love it.

I can't answer many of your questions but can share the following.

So far, the only repairs mine has needed are an O2 sensor and trunk struts.

Power mode seems to change the shift points, giving it a bit more pep when accelerating.

18 MPG? That's odd, mine averages 24.3 and I can get 30 if I drive at 60 with the top down and AC off.

I am envious you can fit everyone in yours, I am 6'3" and my head rubs the top...

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Welcome to the club K! Congrats on owning two fine automobiles! :cheers: Relaxed response to your post is likely due to belonging to a smaller/more exclusive driving segment of the Lexus group of mechanical excellence, most of whom are cruising rather than browsing. :whistles:

Curious, since you have both models at the ready for continous comparison, which car do you prefer/enjoy driving more? Granted they are differently purposed vehicles, nevertherless, most of us experience various driving modes and are capable on more than one type of machine.

You've joined the right club if your intention is to retain that satisfaction of driving a superior conveyance. All kinds of info for keeping your SC in peak condition. One suggestion I would make: every so often when you know there are no oustanding service issues to be addressed, take her out for a series of WOT'S with a proper subsequent cool down. Keeps the carbs from building up. Enjoy! :cheers:

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Glad to hear from a few of you, thanks!!

I have put about 500 miles on her, and have not yet seen 60MPH so my lead foot. I have also spent quit a bit of time detailing with the AC on which may explain the low MPG. I am liking this car more each day. My neighbor who bought a new 5 series has it in the shop and oil stains all over his driveway. My 7 year old SC appears flawless. I found the answers to all my questions, and everything with the car has been very straight forward.

I know it has the same drivetrain as my LS but the two cars share nothing. The LS is a great family car, and has a lot more features, that may be in later year SCs. Our LS does not require the key in the ignition, has a frige, massage seats, a six speed tranny, and may be a little quicker. If given the choice I rather drive the SC. I love the top down, it gets a lot more attention, and is not so stuffy.

The interesting thing is the 06LS was the record holder for the most reliable car you could buy. All models, all makes, any price. Now that the 07LS has been redone, the SC holds that distinction. A convertable sports car is the most reliable car you can buy. Wow!!

The ML stereo is disapointing, and I really miss pluging in my Iphone. I bought the car in auction, and was cross shopping a 911. Very glad I went with the SC, almost as comfortable as my LS (I dont have run flats)

The kids love riding in the back, and they call my car the transformer. My daughter is not too happy though because I traded our 07 RAV4 in to buy the Lexus, the RAV had dual 11" screens in the back and a playstation.

All in all, very happy. If I can drive it without putting a fortune into repairs, and it looks like I can, I may keep this one till the wheels fall off.

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