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2000 Lexus Es300 Check Engine-vsc Light On


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I purchased a 2000 Lexus ES300 recently and the check engine light along the VSC light and VSC off lights came on shortly after and have stayed on for several weeks. The diagnostic that was run right after it came on indicated a bank one O2 sensor so I replaced it immediately and had the error codes cleared but the lights came back on within a couple of days. At that time, the diagnostic indicated a knock sensor and a catalytic converter below efficienty error so decided to not keep throwing parts at it without some more expertise.

I took the car into my local mechanic and codes that were pulled yesterday were PO420-Catalyist Effiency below threshold, C1201 Engine communication circuit malfunction, and C1223 anti lock brake system control system malfunction (no symptoms noticed with ABS have been observed).

First of all, the catalytic converter is brand new (I had the converter checked and it is working properly), and as mentioned, there is a new bank one O2 sensor.

I am a little concerned that there have been different codes pulled at different times as was the mechanic and he was unsure of what was going on so did not fix anything yesterday.

The car runs great, gets around 24 MPG and the only issue I run into is if I am on the freeway for over a couple of hours, overdrive will not kick in sometimes unless the car is shut off and then it works fine.

On doing some preliminary searching online, it appears this is not a unique issue but I have seen varying results on what the solution could be so wanted to see if anyone can offer any advice on this situation.

The car has over 100K on it and I would not really worry about the check engine light alone but would like to have the the skid control functional so would appreciate any help on a path to pursue in getting this resolved.

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You need to have the codes cleared again, and then checked when the light comes back on. Did you use Original equipment or aftermarket for the O2 sensor. Some have used aftermarket with poor results. Highly suggest using The original equipment sensors....

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