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Replacing Valve Cover Gasket

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I have a 1995 GS300 that is leaking oil and it seems that it might be the valve cover gasket. My husband is pretty good with doing most of my cars wear and tear repairs. We have been a serious money crunch :( . So therefore is replacing the valve cover gasket something that is pretty simple to do, if so, would anyone have instructions or illustration on how do to this. I called an independent repair shop and they gave me a range @ $400, I dare not call the dealership. I've called a few places for the part and that was only @$30, so I am assuming that the rest of that $400 would be labor. Unfortunately for us, these days and times $400 is alot if it is something that is pretty simple to fix. He is really just unsure on how to get to it, what parts does he need to remove to get to it. What part shouldn't he remove to get to it....etc.

I would appreciate any advice anyone may have. Thank you.

This forum is truly a blessing :D

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