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Gx 470 Ac Problems, Sulfa Type Fumes, And


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Is anyone else experiencing ac blowing warm air when vehicle in idle. This problems only occurs when in idle, not when driving. I stopped another GX owner and they also had the same problem. This is a real problem when stopped in traffic in the heat of summer. Also, how about the front light burning out? We only had the vehicle about 4 months and the light burned out. Again, asked another GX owner and she had 2 lights burn out right away also! I addressed this with Lexus Western Division and they admit to the problem that the fan does not blow enough air across to cool properly but also stated that they will NOT notify all the GX owners of this so it won't become a problem until people get stuck in traffic in the heat of summer. Has anyone had a second fan put in and if did, does it work properly. I need to know BEFORE summer comes again so I am not stuck in a hot car again. If anyone has any input to this I would greatly appreciate it. I spent too much money on this vehicle to have poor air in the summer and a light burning out after only about 4 months. And from what I see, it is not just my vehicle.And what about the fumes? Anyone else with this? If so, did it get fixed??? I was told by Lexus try Chevron gas and don't accelerate too fast! Im sorry, but again, I don't want to pay this much for a vehicle to get an answer that I should use Cheveron gas. Again, thanks for any help!


A frustrated Lexus owner.

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Here is the most recent list of TSBs from alldata.com. There seems to be one about you fumes.

SU001-03 AUG 03 Suspension - Squeak From Front on Sharp Bumps

EL010-03 AUG 03 Lexus Link System® - Error Detected

NV007-03 AUG 03 Body - Rear Door Grinding Noise

AU002-03 JUN 03 Audio System - Rear Audio/CD Changer Troubleshooting

BO004-03 JUN 03 Interior - Front Seats 'Loose' Feeling

EL006-03 JUN 03 Navigation System - Map Screen is Blank

AX004-03 MAY 03 Cell Phone - Headphones Turn OFF in Cold Weather

PG003-03 MAY 03 Body - License Plate Mounting Precautions

TC002-03 MAY 03 Engine Controls - ECM Reset Memory Function

NV003-03 APR 03 Interior - Seat Track Squeak/Creak Noise

NV002-03 APR 03 Engine - Engine Cover Buzzing Noise

EL002-03 MAR 03 Instruments - Service Maintenance Lamp Resetting

NV001-03 MAR 03 Interior - Front/3rd Row Seats Squeaks/Rattles

TC001-03 FEB 03 A/T - A750 Solenoid Identification

EG001-03 FEB 03 Exhaust System - Sulfur Smell

SS005R-01 JAN 03 Diagnostic Tester - Immobilizer Function

PG016-02 OCT 02 Body - Moonroof Initialization Procedure

BO005-02 SEP 02 Interior - Seat Belt Extender Availability/Applications


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TSBs are usually generated from the manufacturer. Take the TSB number to you Lexus dealer (go to the web alldata.com and print the entire list if you wish) and inquire as to what is invovled in this TSB.

Unfortuneately, getting the info from alldata requires an annual subscription.


2003 was the first year of the GX. Bugs and quirks are always worked out in the first year of use. Be patient but be persistant with Toyo/Lexus. Also do a search of TSBs for the 2003 4Runner as it is a similar platform vehicle. You may find some similarities in problems.

oops, forgot your link.


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