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Low Beams


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You may want to either try cleaning the front lenses or replace the whole thing...SC 400 are notorious for getting cloudy/foggy headlights and can affect the lighting coming from your headlights. I recently replaced mine and not only is the lighting better it looks way better too...

You can also try getting some brighter bulbs or halogens...cost a lot more but the ice blue lights look great! you can probably find a nice set up for around $250-350

Cost: $250 per headlight brand new (E-Bay)

see pics...


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I had great experience with the 3m headlight cleaning kit.

The lights question is tricky.

The projectors are set up for regular halogens and you should

not use them with xenon-ballast retrofit. There's a website

that describes changing the projector lenses from a BMW

to fix this.

I stuck with halogens and found the regular sylvannia oems

Are the best overall. Silverstars ultras and PIAAs die after 6 mos.

The yellow light offers better visibility than the carshow ice blues

this is covered on that BMW enthusiast site I mentioned

(on the iPod so can't paste in the bookmark)

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Over at club lexus they have an HID conversion from the Acura TSX:


Here's a writeup of what to think about and what can go wrong...


And here's a table of other conversions, gives some insight to what can go wrong as well.


I can't find the lexus forum link that talked about BMW retrofit lenses... but the Acura TSX retrofit seemed to work above.

Good luck and keep us posted if you retrofit!

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One more link... the complete DIY projector cleaning/refinishing (cheapest and quickest way to get back your visibility)...


Remember, halogen light output will drop 50% long before the light actually "goes out." Winter's coming, it's a good time to replace things.

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I have to disagree on HIDs not working well with the SC's stock housing/lens. I've got HIDs on mine and I think they're great. Going on almost 2 years now. I lowered the beam so as not to blind oncoming cars. No halogen bulb can compare.

Ebay's got them for like $75 now...maybe less.

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