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My Rx350 Sounds Like A Diesel.. All The Time!

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My RX350 sounds like a noisy diesel! This is our fifth Lexus and it has turned out to be the worst. Sure it’s noisy when it’s cold and yes some of the noise goes away when it warms up, but for what is supposed to be a luxury SUV it is far too noisy all the time. What does it sound like? Like I said it sounds like a diesel or an old push-rod motor that needs a valve adjustment.

When talking to the dealer they tell me it sound like all 350’s. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better about the excessive noise. Contacting Lexus seems to be a waste of time. Evidently they have so many complaints they can’t even return your call within a week. First they said they’d have someone call in two business days; then when that didn’t happen they said someone would call by the end of the week, that was on a Monday! Sounds like General Motors all over again.

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