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'92 Es300 Radio/cd Changer Issues...


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I've got a '92 ES300 and I'm having a problem with the stock radio/Pioneer CD Changer.

I had to jumpstart the car about 2 days ago and, as usual, I lost all my radio presets (no big surprise). However, I noticed another problem. When the car was originally purchased, it came with the standard Pioneer CD Changer and the radio faceplate with four buttons: AM, FM1/2, TAPE & CD. After the jumpstart, AM still controls AM, but FM/1/2 controls FM 1, TAPE controls FM2 and CD controls TAPE... so I cannot start the CD changer.

Any thoughts on what the problem may be and how I can go about fixing it? Based on some of my own research, I've been given the impression that perhaps there's an issue with the CD changer itself (loose wire, etc.); however, I've also read that it could be an electrical issue that caused the head unit to return to it's original factory presets (if you've seen the standard radio when no CD Changer was installed, the four buttons are AM, FM1, FM2, & TAPE). I've jumpstarted the car before after some battery issues, but never had this problem.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks... DamletDPR.

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