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Rx 330 Performance Upgrades


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Please advise of any performance chips that may be available to increase the horsepower on the RX 330. Also, please advise of any experience regarding any negative effects the chips may have on the car. Thank you in advance for any assistance! John Mahoney

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Not sure if there are any proven chipping solutions for the RX330. In fact, did not see any proven solutions for any of the Lexus models.

By the way, most of the chipping solutions for N/A (i.e. non-Turbo) cars are not working well, since it is too difficult to make general chip for N/A cars. Max. is prob. only 5% - 8%, but if it does not work out (e.f. different drive style, diff. gas quality, condition of the car), you may even get worser performance.

What you can do if you want to do some upgrades:

1. Use the highest quality gas that is avail.

2. Get an intake

3. Get an exhaust

4. Get a device like Apexi S-AFCII or F-Con and let it tune on a dyno.

Probably you will get an additional 20hp so.

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