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Exhaust Systems .... Want Pics!

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Hello All,

I am getting the itch to put a new exhaust system on my GS4. I do not want it to be too loud but I do want it to have a nice low rumble to it. I have heard that the Borla system is a nice choice and have heard a video of a GS with it installed. The tips are a little small for my taste though.

I have also heard the Apex'i system and do not think that it is too loud but the pipes are a little big.

I would like for you guys to post pics and comments about the different exhaust systems that are out there for the GS400.


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Both of the ones you mentioned are the only 2 I have experience with...

The L-Tuned is pretty much like the Borla but I think the tips are a tad bigger..

Greddy, have huge canisters and tips but is sounds like a raspy monster is stuck in your cats.. You'll definitely wake the neighbors when you pull up to your house in the middle of the night..

Now me personally, I like the Tom's... The whole system is polished stainless steel.. That's what I'm getting next...

Here's the Tom's....


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What about HKS system (is it cat back or just mufflers) & what about TRD cat back system? Tom's looks something I'd get too I think. Are the pipes bigger diameter then any others? Thanks in adv!

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