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04' Gx Problem_2nd Request For Replies


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A few weeks ago I bought a new GX fully loaded with all the options including the KDSS. I had just returned my leased 2001 ML430 and after test-driving many different trucks, I picked the GX. First I have to say that I like the car very much, and if it weren’t for this one issue I wouldn't be here in this forum asking for help.

As It appears the problem may be similar to the vibration that everyone is talking about, or not?

When I drive the car at exactly at 70 mph or higher, I hear a roaring or whinnying noise that results from sustained speed of 70 or over while keeping my foot on the accelerator. When I lift my foot off the accelerator the whinnying goes away. The noise also accompanies some sensation of vibration or something rubbing underneath the driver's side flooring. (Not the steering wheel unlike the posts regarding vibration.)

First time I took it back to the dealer at 200 miles they acknowledged the problem, and they said Lexus knows about this issue but there is no fix available as of yet. That answer was not acceptable for me on a brand new car. I called the corporate office, and I was put in touch with service manger that now wanted a second chance to try and fix the problem. Today the truck went back in to the shop again. At about 5:00 P.M. Lexus service called and informed me that the mechanic hears and feels the problem but has not been able to fix it yet; they wanted to keep the truck for one more day. (Great at least they acknowledge the problem.)

I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that has this problem and has anyone been able to get it resolved? Again you can only hear it at 70mph and you have to have the stereo turned off because the noise is not very loud but yet very annoying.

Currently I have about 1300 miles on the truck, and do not have the knocking noise and the steering wheel vibrations that everyone else is having. Despite the fact that I love this truck, this one problem if not resolved, is enough reason for me to return the truck.


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I have the same problem/symptom with my GX. Essentially heard it since day 1 that I had the car .. the dealer "could not" reproduce it though when I brought it back at the 1000 mi service. It appears to be some kind of rhythmic cycling sound .. as opposed to a constant drone when accelerating. I only hear it when accelerating slowly or applying gas between 70-80mph. Above 80mph it seems to go away. And I don't hear it if I am blasting through to 80mph quickly (like from 40-80 .. quick accelerating on the freeway). I can't say that I hear it all the time .. but most of the time .. and I can't say that it is affecting the performance of the car .. but it is annoying if nothing else. I plan on bringing it back up with the dealer at some point. I have had the car for a month and have 1200mi on it

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I just spoke with another GX owner who has what sounds like the same problem. She is also AGAIN taking her vehicle back in. I have my own multiple problems with my GX but not this one. Im feel for you cuz I know how you feel. When your service advisor has your phone number memorized, you know you have been their too much! (But for a 56,000 + vehicle???)

By the way, did you ever have to sit in your car in the heat of summer? You might want to check it out BEFORE you get stuck in traffic in the heat of summer.

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