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Winter Tires - 17" Or 18"

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Hi all,

Just joined this forum.

I bought a new 2008 RX400h last April. I live in Montreal and need winter tires, but don't want to pay the $3500 quoted by the Dealer. This price includes new rims, tires, sensors, and taxes.


- can I install 17" on steel rims, (knowing that I cannot use sensors in steel wheels)? Will I face any major problems?

- how about installing 17" on aluminum rims with sensors?

- and finally, if I have to install 18" on aluminum with sensors, can Costco (or similar outfits) mount the tires and the sensors properly?


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Hey there fellow Canadian.

I just got winter tires last winter for my 400h (although mine is a 2006 without sensors).

I went to my local Lexus dealer and they say 235/65/17 would also work (and there are more choices in this size).

I took this info to my local tire store and got a set of 17" generic rims with Kumho KW19 in 235/65/17 for $1100 with tax and install.

Also, they did a rim fitament test before to make sure it fits.

As for steel rims, there are no steel rims that would clear the brakes.


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