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Replacing Blinker Bulbs


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I've changed my tail light bulbs out comfortably, but I can not figure out how to change my blinker. My driver's side blinker blinks rapidly so it is either lose or dying. I bought new bulbs for it so I'd like to replace it. I have opened the hood, but it seems a relay and wire box is in the way. Does anyone know how to change out the bulb and get access to it??

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I've addressed a very similar problem which may apply to the one you have. Its on page three of this forum under the thread title "Rapid Turn Signal Problem Solution". I hope it works for you. Understand that the body style started in 97 has the front turn signal bulbs replaced in the manner described. I can't say that the 93 body style turn signal lenses are removed in the same manner, or the latest body style as well (2002?). Maybe someone else can address that issue by jumping in on the thread. Good luck!

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hern, it would help if we knew what year or generation ES you are dealing with.

I can say that the 2002+ ES blinkers are very easy to change. Nothing has to be removed exept the bulb it self and they are easy to get at.

Pre-02 is a different story. Seek out the thread suggested to you.


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