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Speedometer Cluster Repair

Blow Torch

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IS there anyone that has a dependable fix for the speedometer issue?

I have a 90 Ls400, that the speedometer sometimes sits at 0, then may register pretty close, then may go to 140mph. I replaced the speed senosr that is located on the driver side, and it had no affect on the problem.

IF, it is a problem with the cluster, I can try and remove it, but form the last post I read during my search, no one really had a sure fix for he problem (just the light issue)


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That doesn't sound like the most common speedometer (and tachometer) problem(s) that the early to mid-90's LS models have. The most frequent problem seems to involve needles which stay on zero when the car is cranked during hot weather periods. After a few miles, the needles will jump to the proper position. Also, they will often jump off zero when the top of the dash is rapped once or twice. This problem was diagnosed as being caused by a lubricant on the needle stops at the back of the needles. In hot weather this lubricant liquefies and creates a sticky material which holds the needle to the stop. The fix is to remove and disassemble the cluster and remove the material from the back of the needles with a q-tip or something similar.

Your comment about the needle jumping to high numbers makes your problem sound different. Since you have already replaced the speed sensor, it would seem that the problem would involve some of the electronics within the cluster (or some problem with the needle connection).

My suggestion would be to contact one or more of the speedometer repair places that specialize in Lexus vehicles (Mr. Whizard is one of these). Describe your problem and see if they have previously done repairs for this particular thing.

Most cluster repairs on these LS models will cost around $200.

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When I googled "lexus speedometer repairs," Mr. Whizard is the first name that comes up. Their website indicates that they work on Lexus speedometers.

There are several other repair services that also come up.

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I e-mailed Mr Wizard and he said they didn't work on them.

I googled as well and found a dozen places that work on clusters (Lexus included) but ONLY the lighting issue. I have a couple of e-mails out now, that I have not heard back from, so for now, I'm not sure what the next step is...

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