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2007 Es350 Starting Issue?

Larry ES

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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can give me an insight as to what is going on with my wife's ES350. Already search the forum and not seeing anything useful in my case, maybe I am not searching with the right key words...

The ES is having some starting issue. First time happened back in July. Wife needed to start the car 3 to 4 times before it will startup -> pressed the start/stop button, all lights came up and stayed -> pressed the start/stop button to stop engine. 4 times later it worked but the A/C shut itself off. Took it to the dealership and replaced the battery under warranty (also checked charging system), everything works fine until yesterday.

She once again needs to start the car 3 times before it will startup.

Won’t start the first time -> pressed Start/Stop button to start engine, all lights came up and stayed. Pressed Start/Stop button to stop engine.

Started up but dead the second time -> pressed Start/Stop button to start engine, everything checked okay (Completed on display). Put car in Reverse but it won’t backup. Put it back to Park and the battery and check engine light came up. Pressed the Start/Stop button but engine won’t even stop. Waited for about a minute and pressed the Start/Stop button and it stopped this time.

Started engine for the third time and able to drive home without any issue.

Thanks for your help and I hope my desciption of the issue make sense (all my wife told me was the car won't start, it told me another 30 mins asking her questions "patiently" before coming up with above "more" desciptive information).

Seriously speaking, this ES needs more warranty work done than my two other cars combined. Just a little unsettling since I would think it should be the most reliable one.

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I have seen a similar problem with the BMW 3 series. Owner states they replaced the digital control system module. Probably something totally different in the Lexus but it's a thought if Lexus has a similar module. This Beamer only had 61 miles on the ODO.

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I wouldn't even bother trying to diagnose it yourself, take it to the dealer and let them worry about it. Only pain will be trying to get it to do that at the dealer.

If it makes you feel better when mine was newer it needed several warranty items all at once. But its been no problem ever since (knock on wood).

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