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Bought A Used 93 Es300. Need Suggestions


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Hi there!

I am a first time lexus owner (just bought a 93 ES300 with 142000 mile). The car drives great and both the interior and exterior are in very good shape. So far, the only problems I have noticed are:

1. if it is real cold (like -30), the ride is very bumpy for a few minutes

2. In the same temperature, the brake needs to be pumped a few times before it works

3. The passenger side window rattles if the road is really bumpy (only when it is really bumpy)

4. the passenger side seat heater doesn't work

5. The moonroof is noisy

6. The antenna doesn't go all the way down once power has been shut.

7. Once I push the rear defroster (or it could be the front defroster), the ac turns on by itself. I have to shut it off.

8. The needle in the milemeter flickers.

If someone has time, please comment on the above issues.

I hope to be able to keep this vehicle for 50000 more miles ane more, so would like to know what regular maintenance I should do and what once-a-while maintenance needs to be done as well. I am not sure if the timing belt needs to be replaced either.

1. I can get the vehicle serviced at a toyota shop, right? Coz there is not a Lexus dealer in Fargo.

2. I paid 5000 for it. Is that a fair price?

3. The coolant container was empty. When I asked the previous owner about it, he said it was only a overflow container and doesn't need to and shouldn't be fixed. Is that correct?

4. When I get the oil changed, what kind of oil should I get into it?

5. Is it a good idea to always use Premium unleaded instead of regular unleaded?

6. I live in a cold cold place. Any particular solutions I use for leathercare?

I appreciate your time and welcome any other suggestions.

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Hey I own the same 99 ES300 only mine has 66000 miles...You're supposed to use 5W-30 so I'd recommend using Mobil 1, 5w-30 synthetic. It's about $2.46 per container at your local autozone. There should be a line on your coolant container. You need to fill your container to that line with premixed antifreeze so you dont have to add water. Last about gas. I don't always use premium. I usually use the middle as that is recommended from what I read. Hope that helps, not sure about the cold since I live in Georgia. Good luck.

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Yes, your local Toyota Dealer can service your Lexus, since it is really a gussied up Camry anyway. The bumpy tires when cold are most likely the fault of the tires flatspotting when they sit overnight. Sometimes its the fault of the type of cord that is used in the tire belts, and sometimes its just the nature of the performance tire that you have on the car. My wife's ES 300 has Michelins that don't flatspot. My 300 ZX's 50 series tires have one cord of rayon (I think that's it) that do flatspot overnight. Three miles down the road they round out and run smoothly. Just the nature of the beast. Check with a knowledgeable tire dealer to be sure, one way or the other. If you need to pump your brakes, you need the system checked out. Most likely they need to be bled (removes the air from the system). To cure a window rattle the door panel needs to come off and a search made. Usually the only expense is the time involved, since tightening a loose fastener is the culprit. The seat heater problem is either the switch itself, the wiring harness to it or the fuse. Personally I'd pull the switch and clean its contacts with electrical contact spray. Need more info on noisy moonroof. Is it mechanical noise on opening or wind noise and when? Power antenna is either lacking lubrication, the toothed cable is dirty, or it has ripped some of the teeth off of the geared whip. It is a complicated but not impossible DIY, IF you can get the unit out of the fender to take it apart. Even if it requires a new mast assembly, it is an easy DIY reinstall. Check your manual for the AC on when using defrost. If its like my wife's 97, its supposed to come on to remove condensation, and for making sure that the AC system is used in winter to keep all seals lubricated and prevent compressor seize up and fluid loss. I'm not sure what you mean by the NEEDLE in the odometer, since mine is digital. Get back to us and we'll take it from there.

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first off welcome to the club!

i think gbhrps did a pretty good job helping with some of your issues but as for the needles in your dash flickering if you do a search you will find tons of info on why they do it and how to fix them.its basically going bad.

as for the moonroof try to put some tire dressing on the seals and see if that stops the wind noise.it is wind noise right?if that dont help then you might need to have the roof realighned.lexus dealer can do that for you but first check the seals.

i had the same problem with my antenna not going all the way down and it was because of the cold weather.try lubbing it up with some grease and that should work.

hope this helps! :D

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the moonroof in my 92 es was making crazy wind noise when i got it as well.

i got some shims from the lexus dealer that bump up the closed height of the glass back to level with the roof.

made all my wind noise go away, so you may want to give it a shot. the shims were only like 3 bucks each.

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