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Moonroof Problems,not Working What Can I Do?

pete rock

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hi since ive had my es300 which is about 7 months my moonroof hasnt worked when i bought it from the previous owner he told me it was the belt that needs replacing.he has 2 drill bits diagonally wedged on the inside.

now if these bits are removed the moonroof glass will sink in completely and will leave a space you can see from the top outside.does this sound more of an off-track type of problem??either way has anyone else had this sinking problem??im not that good with electrical stuff and really dont want to remove my headliner.where could i bring it to get looked at??and how much would it cost to fix?would it be an expensive fix?

i love my moonroof option and really wish it worked.

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hey i have the same problem it happened to me like two weeks ago i tried closing it then heard a loud click and then the next day i saw it had sunk in i hope someone knows the problem so i can also fix mine but it my be the gear or somethin cuz it still works electrically (the motor) but it the moonroof soes not want to move so hopefully someone has a solution

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